• Stone Parquet Display

    Stone Parquet Display

    We also design the display for stone parquet and marble Medallion to show customers, the stone parquet can directly give customer a highly valued option when they choosing an attractive and resistant floor materials.

  • Sample Board Display

    Sample Board Display

    The sample board display is manufactured to fit each client's specific needs and specifications. Designed and Manufactured by McColl Display Solutions in Ocala, FL.

  • Conjoined Brick-Put Frame

    Conjoined Brick-Put Frame

    To serve our customer better,we are producing all kinds of iron frames for the stone,ceramic and other building material.
    They are unbeatable beautiful,safe and practicable to help your product sell well.
    we are always open to you,why not call,email or visit us!

  • Responsive Layout

    Responsive Layout

    Our showroom merchandising displays are manufactured from high quality materials and produced to fit each client's specific needs.  The sample board displays below are a great starting point to determine your sample board display needs.

  • Stone displays

    Stone displays

    Stone displays behave excellently in making best use of space for showroom and exhibition

Eastwood Stone Display

Stone displays behave excellently in making best use of space for showroom and exhibition, displaying mosaics, countertops, steps, carvings, sinks, ledge stones, especially tiles for the customers to review a rich selection of availabilities.
Stone display and stone shelf are very important in stone business to show and advertisement. Eastwood Stone Display supply one stop service for customers in stone display and ceramic display manufacture. According to customers’ request, we are design and prototype, and manufacture stone display and stone stand for clients. (Such as stone display, ceramic display, sink display, mosaic display).
Eastwood Stone-Display shelf are welcome by clients from Europe, USA and domestic by our advantage in manufacturing metalwork and experienced spray technique. Stone-Display have varies fashionable models for the stone display (granite display and marble display), ceramic display rack and mosaic display stands used.
The stone display racks which we are engaged in, enjoys characters of the stability of high strength and simple structure. They are durable, easy assembly and disassembly, convenient for handling and delivery. Meanwhile, we can meet customized requirements for a variety of purposes.
For customized displays or some displays not included in our website, please don't hesitate to email or call us for communication.
● What size of tiles will you be using in this display?
● How many samples would you like to show in this display?
● How many units or displays will you need?

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As you browse through our merchandising tile display concept images

please keep in mind that each tile showroom display you see can be adapted to your flooring product and your display needs. One of our ceramic tile displays just not right? Want something totally different? Email us at eastwoodstone@gmail.com,

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